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Structure of the Order

Working under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Council 33° of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite for Australia, the Rite is divided into two separate and distinct bodies, Sovereign Chapters and Sovereign Councils. Entrance into the Order is by way of the Sovereign Chapter which confers the degrees 4th – 17th.

Of the eighteen degrees, the first three are deemed to be the equivalent to the three Craft Degrees and are therefore considered already attained.

The Intermediate Degrees, 4th – 17th are conferred by name. The full working of these degrees is demonstrated periodically by Chapters of Improvement. The 18° “Excellent and Perfect Prince Rose Croix” is worked in full.

The Degrees 19th – 29th are conferred within a Sovereign Council.

As within a Sovereign Chapter, the intermediate degrees 19th to 29th are conferred on the candidate and the 30th degree is worked in full.

The minimum qualification for admission into a Sovereign Council is having served three years as a member of the 18th degree.

Minimum admission into the 31° and 32° are three years in the previous degree.

The 33rd degree is conferred on a member when he is appointed District Commander i.e. Head of a District.


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