Welcome to the A&ASR website for Western Australia

As Regional Commander in Western Australia for the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite 33o for Australia (known as the Rose Croix), it is my privilege to welcome you to the Order’s website.

The development of this website by VIllBro Ian Farrar, District Commander for District Northern, marks another important milestone in the progress being made by the Rose Croix Order in WA.

It provides an instant communication for every member of the Order and, perhaps at least as importantly, provides an opportunity for all other Freemasons to evaluate – and, hopefully, join – this wonderful Order.

In the past year or so, Rose Croix in WA has posted several notable achievements:

  • It has introduced a newsletter, The RITE MESSAGE, to keep members informed of events within the Order around the countryside;
  • In 2010, it celebrated its Silver Anniversary, with a Higher Degrees’ ceremony attended by the then Sovereign Grand Commander, Most Powerful Bro Peter Straw, and followed by a successful major public event in the form of a walk through Kings Park to raise funds for Guide Dogs WA and
  • In 2011, it staged a demonstration of the Rite of Perfection, the 1st and 2nd Degrees of the A&ASR, dating back to the 1740s. This was the first time this demonstration had been performed in WA – and only the second time in Australia.

Other significant events for the future are already in the formative stages.

As you will see, the website, although new, is extensive and we hope you will both use and enjoy it.

Freemasonry is a journey of self-discovery and self-development.

The A&ASR expands upon the lessons founded in the first three degrees of Freemasonry. The spiritual meaning of the ritual and the mode of life it teaches us to follow, places a responsibility on its members but gives great satisfaction to those who are obedient to its precepts.

I hope that the pages of this website will inspire those Freemasons who have not, as yet, sought membership in our Order, but who possess the necessary qualifications and beliefs, to consider doing so.

If living your life by high moral standards with a sense of tradition and honour and wanting to make a difference to your community are important to you, then become a Rose Croix Member.

MIllBro Ken Smith

Regional Commander

Region 4 (WA)

Grand Chancellor